Direct Current features Natasha!

May 30, 2012 

Thanks to Direct Current for featuring Natasha along with the release of “Out of My Hands.” Here is a little bit about the website which is seen by many music lovers and radio folks: (see Natasha’s feature by clicking here)

Direct Current is all about music…good music and great music. This site works with artists, labels and distribution companies to bring the latest news, information, release dates and more about artists creating interesting, individual and eclectic music.Our focus is primarily on artists that we think are more than the “flavor of the month”. Some would call it “adult music” but we know this isn’t an “age” thing, it’s about perception, individual taste and appreciation.
We lean on adult pop, rock, singer/songwriters, folk, Americana, alt-country, adult alternative, soul, world music, crossover jazz and simply those artists that make us go “hmmm.” We’re constantly scouring an extensive array of sources for news and information about artists we care about — and hope that you’ll discover and appreciate the music we’re bringing to you.
You won’t find much hip-hop, hard rock, emo, metal, screamo, teen pop, classical, oldies, geezer rock, dance music, Christian, Latin, hard core or a lot of other categories. Not because we don’t respect what these genres bring to the big picture…we just want to keep our vision on those artists that we like to listen to. It’s pretty much as simple as that.

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