Natasha re-works live show

January 2, 2014

Natasha practicing on her Boss RC-300 Loop Station

Natasha practicing on her Boss RC-300 Loop Station

This past year, Natasha took some time to reflect on how she might want to present her music differently in a live setting yet still be able to tour as a solo artist. Her answer was to incorporate a Boss RC-300 Loop Station into her performances. The Loop Station allows her to build tracks of different guitar parts, live, as the performance is happening and continue adding and building into a fuller sound. It also allows her to play lead guitar parts over her rhythm guitar tracks. Just to be clear, she is not playing to pre-recorded tracks. On each show, she begins playing and recording the parts and then weaving the parts in and out of the song by using the foot pedals. It is a complex process which requires great mental and physical coordination and required her to “learn to play all over again” as she put it.

She is now ready to take her new show into venues so stay tuned to her schedule as it will be taking shape.

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