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Click here to listen to the song “Winter Season” (scroll through player to find title)

Click here to listen to the Russian folk song “Rechka” (scroll through player to find title) See video of live performance of Rechka below with explanation of Russian lyric.

Click here to listen to her album Balancing Act. 


“With her newest CD, Out of My Hands, Natasha Borzilova solidifies her place among the brightest and most talented singer/songwriters of her generation.” – Craig Huegel-Host/WMNF-FM-Tampa, FL

“She writes with such sensitivity and intelligence and sings with such profound emotional engagement that listening to her is like overhearing her thoughts as they form.” – Edward Morris/writer for CMT/com

“She has evolved into a communicator of subtle strength and confessional intimacy. Her production skills are nothing to sneeze at, either. Highly recommended.” – Robert Oermann/Music Row Magazin


Video of live performance of Russian traditional folk song “Rechka” from Natasha’s online Stageit Concert

4.  Electronic press kit on the making of Out of My Hands

5.Video of Natasha performing Cheap Escape at Music City Roots

6. Video of “Cynics Hate Hollywood” from Natasha’s StageIt online Concert

7. Video of Acoustic Cover of “Blank Space” (as Natasha says, “What would Joni Mitchell do”?

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