Natasha Borzilova

Wilder Days – Natasha’s 4th solo album

March 15, 2015

Natasha’s fourth solo album is being pressed with an official release date set for April 21, 2015. On this album she borrowed instruments from friends, learned to play them for the songs on the album. Instruments she played included mandolin, dulcitar , keyboard, and banjo as well as acoustic and electric guitars. She wrote all of the songs on this CD with the exception of her first cover tune, “Oysters”, a song by Tori Amos who has been a favorite of hers for a long time.
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Natasha has successful shows in Massachusetts!

Nov. 1, 2014

In October of 2014, Natasha returned to the northeast to do a show for her favorite charity, Socks for Siberia. The organization helps several orphanages inSiberia providing many items the orphans need. The show was at The Cultural Center at Eagle Hill in Hardwick, MA which is a state of the art performing arts center. Natasha’s good friend, singer-songwriter Nancy Beaudette, opened the show, Natasha closed and then Nancy joined Natasha onstage for a few tunes together. While in the area, Natasha also did two house concerts with Nancy. This was Natasha’s second  trip as a solo artist into the northeast.

Below are some photographs from the weekend and a video clip of them performing a song they wrote together titled “Dust”.

Natasha interviewed by Spun Counterguy

February 3, 2014

BrophiticateBanner_edited-1Natasha was recently interviewed by Spun Counterguy and also played a few songs live for his podcast In The Corner Back by the Woodpile. The podcast is featured on the Brophisticate website which covers an eclectic array of subjects. Natasha goes into great detail about the back story on some of her songs.  You can listen to the full in-depth interview here.


Natasha invited to play benefit for Billy Block

January 15, 2014

Nashville music personality Billy Block has been diagnosed with  stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma. Block has been an advocate for many underdog artists giving them exposure on his shows around Nashville for 17 years and now the Nashville music community is giving back with an all day benefit at The Rutledge on Monday, February 17, 2014. Natasha is pleased to have been invited to be a small part of the day and will be performing two songs at approximately 8:25 p.m. so if you are planning to stop by to show Billy your support and are a fan of Natasha, you may want to make that the time you come by.

Donations can be made at the door but if  you can’t make it by, you can donate online through paypal and use this email address to make a tax deductible gift:

Read more about Billy Block here. 



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Natasha to do first Stageit Online Concert!

January 13, 2014

StageItNatasha_edited-1Stageit online concerts are a new and exciting way for an artist to bring their live performance to fans in areas they are not touring in person and Natasha plans to do just that in 2014. Because she is the mother of two small children and touring extensively can be a challenge, she has decided to bring some shows directly into your living room for you to watch on your laptop.

The first show will be on Tuesday evening, February 11, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. central time. It will be streamed live from Catch This Music studios on Music Row in Nashville with high definition cameras making the experience one of high quality from a visual and audio standpoint. People who want to watch the show can tune in online through the Stageit platform for as little as 10 cents!

Here is how it works: Go to Set up a username and password. Click in the top right corner to “buy notes”. Stageit sells “notes” and 50 notes = $5.00. Then click on Natasha’s show link and buy your ticket to the show for as little as 10 cents. (Of course, you can pay more if you choose or save money for tipping if you choose)

Then, tune in on the night of the show, sit back and enjoy yourself. Many viewers hook up headphones of connect the laptop to large speakers. Some people invite friends into their home and watch on their TV screen online. You can chat with other viewers watching and even ask Natasha questions through a moderator. It’s a totally unique and wonderful experience for a music concert! Click HERE to buy your ticket now!

Natasha re-works live show

January 2, 2014

Natasha practicing on her Boss RC-300 Loop Station

Natasha practicing on her Boss RC-300 Loop Station

This past year, Natasha took some time to reflect on how she might want to present her music differently in a live setting yet still be able to tour as a solo artist. Her answer was to incorporate a Boss RC-300 Loop Station into her performances. The Loop Station allows her to build tracks of different guitar parts, live, as the performance is happening and continue adding and building into a fuller sound. It also allows her to play lead guitar parts over her rhythm guitar tracks. Just to be clear, she is not playing to pre-recorded tracks. On each show, she begins playing and recording the parts and then weaving the parts in and out of the song by using the foot pedals. It is a complex process which requires great mental and physical coordination and required her to “learn to play all over again” as she put it.

She is now ready to take her new show into venues so stay tuned to her schedule as it will be taking shape.

Natasha to help Lost Hollow celebrate CD release!

July 15, 2013

Natasha has been invited to open the show for Lost Hollow as they celebrate the release of 2 new CDs. The show will be in Nashville, TN on July 22, 2013 at The Rutledge and is a free, family friendly show.

Lost Hollow consists of Tommy and Lorrie Harden. You may be familiar with Tommy’s name having seen it on all three of Natasha’s CD releases as the amazing drummer in her studio band. Tommy also tours with Reba McEntire and plays on many hit records. He and his very talented wife Lorrie are getting some great attention with their new self-titled CD.

Also appearing will be Savannah Conley so it will be a night of incredible music. We hope you can make it!

Video for “The World Below”

June 15, 2013

Enjoy the new video for the song “The World Below” which Natasha wrote about a bout of depression she experienced years ago but did not realize what was happening at first. She and her boyfriend at the time would often go to a local park with a bridge and train track and on the days the train was not coming, they would walk out on the bridge. The song is included on Natasha’s album Out of My Hands.