online concert

Natasha to do first Stageit Online Concert!

January 13, 2014

StageItNatasha_edited-1Stageit online concerts are a new and exciting way for an artist to bring their live performance to fans in areas they are not touring in person and Natasha plans to do just that in 2014. Because she is the mother of two small children and touring extensively can be a challenge, she has decided to bring some shows directly into your living room for you to watch on your laptop.

The first show will be on Tuesday evening, February 11, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. central time. It will be streamed live from Catch This Music studios on Music Row in Nashville with high definition cameras making the experience one of high quality from a visual and audio standpoint. People who want to watch the show can tune in online through the Stageit platform for as little as 10 cents!

Here is how it works: Go to Set up a username and password. Click in the top right corner to “buy notes”. Stageit sells “notes” and 50 notes = $5.00. Then click on Natasha’s show link and buy your ticket to the show for as little as 10 cents. (Of course, you can pay more if you choose or save money for tipping if you choose)

Then, tune in on the night of the show, sit back and enjoy yourself. Many viewers hook up headphones of connect the laptop to large speakers. Some people invite friends into their home and watch on their TV screen online. You can chat with other viewers watching and even ask Natasha questions through a moderator. It’s a totally unique and wonderful experience for a music concert! Click HERE to buy your ticket now!